I’ve been taking a bit of a break from art, but I think I’m ready to try again. I’ve been drawing traditionally lately, it really helped me get my drawing groove back. I’ll scan them soon! Meanwhile, have a geographically correct Princess Daisy :3



havent posted any drawings in a while so heres oneetni copy

(also ive never mentioned it but i do commissions…. comics, arts, porn, all is good.. so hit me up if youre interested)


witchHere’s Nadia and I as witches! It’s because of this art thing on Tumblr that I reblogged. I like these prompts and I was sad I didn’t get more numbers so I’m posting this here too! Comment a number below! I’ll probably do them when I’m bored and out of ideas.

Also, this prompt doesn’t expire. Thanks.

Send me a number and I will draw myself [and Nadia] as

  1.  vampire
  2. werewolf
  3. ghost
  4. witch
  5. sorcerer
  6. unicorn
  7. dragon
  8. banshee
  9. phoenix
  10. demon
  11. Dhamphyr (half vampire/ half human)
  12. fairy
  13. living shadow
  14. genie
  15. gorgon
  16. centaur
  17. seer
  18. Succubus/ Incubus
  19. Siren / mermaid
  20. wendigo
  21. Undine
  22. Zombie
  23. Wraith
  24. Werecat
  25. shapeshifter



i’ve been having these constant rushes of self hatred from trying to do some hobby and then being bad at it. i feel like it isnt even humanly possible to fail this much. everything makes me hate myself and i cant do anything and i hate myself for not doing anything and theres no way out and i wanna die but most of all i just wanna be kind of good at ANYTHING