Oh my god i was looking through my ancient scans and i found comics about my old OC ahhhhh this is so cute, I wanna make a post about it :3

so basically this story is about a boy, Jonathan, who comes out to his parents (he’s gay) and they reject him so he runs away from home. He meets some cool people that like the same music that he does, and they all hang out and stuff. It’s about sexuality and breaking heteronormativity and fitting in and also kinda about drugs since they drink a lot and smoke pot.

some of these are in finnish, sorry! Also, I know the art kinda sucks and it’s way too yaoifangirl-y for my taste, but I was like 15 when I made these, hahah

so yeah that’s a cute lil thingy i had. i wrote about 24 pages of manuscript by hand in english when i wanted to make this comic but then stuff happened and i stopped. but i still remember the plot. I’d love to start this project again :3