so i took some shrooms and thought i was virgin mary dont do drugs kidsi have some weird subconcious fears about turning christian and shit and i think i took some of the messages i received from my mind a little too seriously idk


so this was my new years eve and a week after that !!! i celebrated in the only way i know – through illegal narcotics. i’m taking a loooong break from molly now. also yes i have a real friend now oh my god i can’t believe this

((i’ve gotten pretty bad at drawing freehand ughugughuugh))


i tried to make a portrait of myself but it came out asian??? so i guess this is me as an asian person, probably korean

I know a lot of people who are into fucking shit up and who want to ease their small town syndrome by doing massive harm to themselves, and I could go and sell these pills to those people, they’d start drama probably just to amuse their friends. It’s sad to see cause I’ve been there, but thankfully I grew up, even though I still enjoy getting high. I’m just a lot more responsible about it.


Here’s my outfit of the day! Yes I know I’m gorgeous and my sense of style is perfect muchos gracias. I pity the cash register lady at the super market who saw me and was eternally blinded by my gorgeousness. I’m sorry but I can’t just stop being magnificient. It never turns off, I’m forever hella foxy.(huora means ”whore” in finnish)

Sometimes my nose turns into an eggplant. I can’t believe it’s already almost July.

Also girls are hot.