you can ask me in english or finnish (in which case i’ll translate it to english!)

if you ask nadia a question, she’ll draw the answer and i’ll post it on here

i’ll let yall know when i’m done with this thing but until then keep sendin’ em this way

you can send me questions anywhere, like commenting under this post, or sending an ask to my tumblr or on facebook or whatever suits you best. but like, mention that youre asking it for this thing and not just generally…… ehehe

it’ll be super embarrassing if i get like 0 questions oops


witchHere’s Nadia and I as witches! It’s because of this art thing on Tumblr that I reblogged. I like these prompts and I was sad I didn’t get more numbers so I’m posting this here too! Comment a number below! I’ll probably do them when I’m bored and out of ideas.

Also, this prompt doesn’t expire. Thanks.

Send me a number and I will draw myself [and Nadia] as

  1.  vampire
  2. werewolf
  3. ghost
  4. witch
  5. sorcerer
  6. unicorn
  7. dragon
  8. banshee
  9. phoenix
  10. demon
  11. Dhamphyr (half vampire/ half human)
  12. fairy
  13. living shadow
  14. genie
  15. gorgon
  16. centaur
  17. seer
  18. Succubus/ Incubus
  19. Siren / mermaid
  20. wendigo
  21. Undine
  22. Zombie
  23. Wraith
  24. Werecat
  25. shapeshifter


I lost my fucking drawing tablet’s pen so I can’t make a comic or anything but I’m gonna be at the Helsinki Pride Parade on Saturday with Murri and probably other friends. I’ll draw about it next week! Yeaaahh


Sorry for the lack of updates! MY COMPUTER BROKE. I’m currently waiting for the new charger so i can upload some shit i’ve been working on. Yes, I made an OC and I have a couple of comics for them that i’m working on. It’s gonna be awesome. Just a few more days… damn you mail for being so slow.


Changed the header & background again, i couldn’t stand looking at that face any more. But yeah since I needed to crop the picture a lot for the header, I’mma post them up here too.

Uncolored version

Colored version

… and one that I edited a little afterwards.


Yeaaaah so I changed the look of this blog a little. I was getting bored of that last one. So yeah here it is. I’m not too sure about the color yet but i’m gonna keep it like this until I get bored again and start fuckign with it. Tell me if you think its cool???