I’ve been taking a bit of a break from art, but I think I’m ready to try again. I’ve been drawing traditionally lately, it really helped me get my drawing groove back. I’ll scan them soon! Meanwhile, have a geographically correct Princess Daisy :3



havent posted any drawings in a while so heres oneetni copy

(also ive never mentioned it but i do commissions…. comics, arts, porn, all is good.. so hit me up if youre interested)


witchHere’s Nadia and I as witches! It’s because of this art thing on Tumblr that I reblogged. I like these prompts and I was sad I didn’t get more numbers so I’m posting this here too! Comment a number below! I’ll probably do them when I’m bored and out of ideas.

Also, this prompt doesn’t expire. Thanks.

Send me a number and I will draw myself [and Nadia] as

  1.  vampire
  2. werewolf
  3. ghost
  4. witch
  5. sorcerer
  6. unicorn
  7. dragon
  8. banshee
  9. phoenix
  10. demon
  11. Dhamphyr (half vampire/ half human)
  12. fairy
  13. living shadow
  14. genie
  15. gorgon
  16. centaur
  17. seer
  18. Succubus/ Incubus
  19. Siren / mermaid
  20. wendigo
  21. Undine
  22. Zombie
  23. Wraith
  24. Werecat
  25. shapeshifter